Milestone 1 assessment fees listed below for Class 3, Class 4 and AESV per vehicles include:

  • CETRAN staff performing assessment
  • Use of test equipment including 4ActivePA target and 4ActiveFB-Small robotic platform.
  • Track usage
  • Processing test outcome
  • 1 Round of clarifications
  • Rescheduling due to rain or other weather events

Test item (M1 Assessment)Cost
For Class 3 Vehicles $4500
For Class 4 Vehicles$4500
For AESV Vehicles$4500

Milestone 1 assessment fees for retesting, rescheduling and cancellation:

Test item (M1 Assessment)Cost
For Class 3/4/AESV Vehicles – Full re-test$4500
For Class 3/4/AESV Vehicles – Partial re-test (e.g. retest of dynamic obstacle only)$2000
For Class 3/4/AESV Vehicles (>14days) – Rescheduling/Cancellation$0
For Class 3/4/AESV Vehicles (≤14 days ) – Rescheduling / Cancellation$1000