CETRAN works closely with our partners and stakeholders to support and push forth Singapore’s vision of being the pioneer in AVs.

Find out more about our projects below:

Hutchinson Project

As a major supplier in the automotive industry, Hutchinson has produced various parts for vibration controls, fluid management, sealing systems, etc. The performance of the parts is continuously assessed in the design and manufacturing processes, while their performance study in daily operations is lacking. The latter is essential to better understand the product reliability and robustness in real environments, which could be further feedback to improve the product quality. To fill this gap, we are working with Hutchinson to collect real data for air conditioners in cars by installing proper sensors and conducting analytics tasks on the data set.
Siemens Project - V2X - Infrastructure assisted Autonomous Vehicle
The end goal of SIEMENS V2X set up is to deploy a digital driver for Autonomous bus shuttles assisted with an on-road perception system. This infrastructure based perception will provide a precise picture of the traffic situation, which would enable autonomous vehicle to make better decisions without the need for human personnel on board, but still ensuring Safety & Efficiency.

In addition to aiding autonomous vehicles, such systems will provide quality information which could be used for road traffic control and management, thereby reducing the accident rates and congestions.

This system is being designed and tested with the help of a digital twin which allows it to be validated in a virtual environment before actual trials are deployed for testing and full service.

Siemens is in collaboration with ERI@N to explore the system design and validation techniques for infrastructure assisted Autonomous vehicles to realize applications including traffic light status communication and control along with extended on-road perception for Autonomous Vehicles.