In order to be integrated onto public roads, AVs need to be tested on their communication with other vehicles, road infrastructure as well as dispatch and routing systems.

To facilitate the testing of AV navigation controls in a real-world environment, the CETRAN AV Test Centre is designed to replicate the different elements of Singapore’s roads, with common traffic schemes, road infrastructure, and traffic rules.

Centre of Excellence
As a Centre of Excellence, CETRAN does not directly develop new technologies for Avs. Rather, it generates fundamental research on how these systems should operate, develop testing requirements, and establish an international standard for AVs.

CETRAN further provides training and advisory services based on best practices developed.

Singapore's AV Vision
Starting 2014, Singapore has setup the Committee on Autonomous Road Transport for Singapore to chart the strategic direction for AV-enabled land mobility concepts in Singapore. Its members include renowned international experts, academics, and industry representatives. Since then, guided by Singapore AV deployment roadmap, Authorities have been taking a calibrated and phased approach in trialing and deploying AVs, making sure that AVs are safe and publicly accepted before progressing to the next stages of the roadmap.
Testing Development
Working with Singapore’s Land Transport Authority and Traffic Police, CETRAN develops assessment procedures for AVs that are conducted as part of the approval process for on-road trial deployments. This experience could be built upon and extended to assessment of AV deployment in private and other areas.
Standards Development
The CETRAN team helped Singapore published a Technical Reference for AVs, known as TR 68, on 31 January 2019. Enhanced on September 2021 to better support deployment of autonomous vehicles in Singapore.

This guides the industry in the development of AVs, and promotes the safe deployment of AVs in Singapore